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Lake Norman Airpark (14A)

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When landing on 14 and heading to the G.A. area, use the first taxiway on the right to go to the fuel and G.A. area.  When departing the G.A. area, use the new taxiway to the 32 run up area. The new lighting system is installed and operational.  PAPI on 14-32 operational dusk to dawn. 14 PAPI is located on the right side of the runway.

Board meetings are held as needed and time and date are determined by the President of the home owners association. 

After a five years and five months of building, John Schroeder & Ron Szot saw the first flight of their Lancair ES on October 9th, 2006. They have over 65 hours logged in it and it is flying well.  Time to go visiting and seeing this great country. John hopes to take it to Alaska in June and Ron owes his grandson in Louisiana a long ride.

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Several members of our community belong to E.A.A. Chapter 309.  The chapter is a very active chapter in the Charlotte area and you can view their web site by clicking on the following address.


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